MLB’s big contract passion is set to break the record

Corey Seager avec les Dodgers

A few weeks after the end of the MLB season Braves’ victory during the World Series, Teams are shopping before the holidays and getting ready for the next campaign.

Free agents get lucrative offers, and many big names are no longer available.

Cory Caesar will be with the Rangers, Kevin Cousman joins Blue Jazz after their best season, Robbie Ray chose the Mariners after his Psy Young And Javier Base travels to Detroit to join the Tigers.

The big dominoes fell, but that was just the beginning.

Achievement speed for contracts

Journalist Jeff Basson analyzes the contract distribution since the start of the season, so far MLB teams have surpassed $ 1 billion – more than the $ 140 + million that Pace racks up with the Tigers, not to mention Pace’s big deal ($ 325 million).

As Passan has pointed out, many big names are still waiting for the deal, and like Freddie Freeman and Chris Bryant, Carlos Correra will have a good chance ahead of him. Despite the injuries, there is still a big test for Clayton Kershaw.

For example, we are rapidly approaching the $ 2.1 billion provided in 2019-20 with major deals by Gerrit Cole and Stephen Strasbourg.

Texas Rangers, for example, have already awarded more than $ 500 million in deals by adding Caesar and Marcus Semion. Yes, the team ends up with one of the best infielders in the game of baseball, but getting him is a big bill.

With the addition of Max Scherzer, the Mets are not ashamed to spend either.

By the end of the year, there is no doubt that it will cross 2.1 billion. After that, tell them that baseball is not healthy.

That’s a lot of money.

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