Make parking a doddle with parking stops

Car parking stops are an important part of any car park. They will control the traffic and help prevent accidents. So, without any more delay here are the ways parking stops can help.

Types of parking stops

First, let’s start with the types of parking stops. All of them are designed to keep both drivers and pedestrians around car parks safe. Make sure to research which type is best for you before purchasing your parking stops.

Concrete wheel stops

Concrete wheel stops are quite heavy, which makes them hard to set up and install. On the other hand they can withstand a huge amount of force, but because of their durability they can also cause damage to cars.

Plastic wheel stops

These are more suited for private garages and parking spaces than for commercial spaces. They are lightweight, which means it will be hard for them to stop bigger vehicles or control heavy traffic. On the plus side they are pretty cheap.

Rubber wheel stops

Rubber stops offer the best of two worlds. They are heavy enough to be effective but light enough to be transported and installed without a problem. They can be moved if necessary and it is easy to carry out any maintenance or other work around them. Unlike the concrete stops, rubber ones will not chip or crack, making them more long lasting. They come in a choice of colours that will not crack and are fade-resistant. They are cheaper than concrete stops but more expensive than plastic ones. However, with all the benefits they bring they are well worth the money.

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Another option with rubber stops is to buy them made from recycled rubber. They can be cheaper than the new rubber ones and are environmentally friendly. Doing something good for the planet comes with cost benefits.

Consider before buying

There are a couple of things to consider before buying wheel stops. Apart from material you should think about sizes and colours.


Standard sizes for wheel stops are 4ft, 6ft and 8ft going from cheapest (4ft) to most expensive (8ft). The most popular one, however, is the 6ft size. They are perfect for commercial car parks like malls and big convenience stores. For bigger cars, trucks and vans you may require the tallest size.


When buying them check what colours are available. One option is to buy ones that are painted/dyed with black and yellow stripes for good visibility. Another is to buy different colours for the different types of parking spots. You might have blue ones for disability spaces, red ones for family parking and green for standard zones. You can always add a colour if there is another type of parking you want to separate from the rest.


Here is the good news: apart from concrete stops, which are at least a two-person job, all others can be installed by just one person. They will come with the necessary tools and instructions on how to install them. Be mindful of the stops you have chosen and the surface you are affixing them to, as this should also be taken into consideration.

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