Developer previews Tesla Model 3 with Apple CarPlay support

Developer previews Tesla Model 3 with Apple CarPlay support

If you do not have one, use it yourself! The developers have adapted to support their own Tesla Model 3 Apple Carplay Maps can be used with Apple Music applications.

Developer Tesla modifies cars to support Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay is another feature driver available in Tesla, but Tesla did not include this feature in their cars.

Developer Michał Gapiński posted a content and video on Twitter, showing an example of how Tesla can tune to support Apple CarPlay on the central screen.

Kabinsky uses the Raspberry Pi, LTE modem and WiFi emitter to run his personalized Android firmware. In the car, it integrates with the Raspberry Pi and sends Apple CarPlay screenshots to the Tesla Central Display, allowing Apple applications such as Apple Maps and Apple Music to access the center screen. Including pressing the command via the steering wheel

Gapiński revealed making further changes to Wi-Fi stability for smoother streaming. Of course, this customization is only an initial experiment, but Gapiński hopes to make it work. Open to others for future use


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