Handling the first direct London-Sydney flight

Handling the first direct London-Sydney flight
Because I wanted to know what this book has to offer As a story under this heading, Hostage. I have never read the book by Claire McIntosh, a former police officer who became a writer. I was not disappointed because she knew how to share the pain and stress she experienced through her realistic writing.

Essential in 2 minutes

Plot. During the first direct London-Sydney flight, the atmosphere was electric, frightening, terrifying, and a flight attendant, even if handled, would face a terrible choice.

Characters. Mina, the flight attendant, Adam’s wife and Sophia’s mother. Katya, Rowan, Becca, Derek, Chesca, Missouri, Mike, Carmel, Zambozi, Ganges, Lena …

Places. Suburbs of London, air corridors during the London-Sydney flight.

Time. Nowadays, at the launch of the first live London-Sydney flight.

Author. When he spent twelve years in the police force, Claire McIntosh began writing several thrillers directly inspired by his experience. He is the author of Bestseller, To leave you, Which won the International Pole Prize.

Read this book I hold my breath in the face of growing anxiety and critically wait for events to unfold. A suspense that is efficiently maintained and whose reality it presents is really felt.

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