Western Australia recorded a low of 50.7 degrees Celsius

Western Australia recorded a low of 50.7 degrees Celsius

Such temperatures may be common due to global warming.

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The Western Australian State Meteorological Agency reported a record high of 50.7 degrees Celsius in the far western city on Wednesday (January 13). The coastal city of Onslow “It simply came to our notice then : 50.7 C, a record in Western Australia and the hottest on record in Australia for 62 years “, Depending on the system.

Director of Climate Council of Australia, Martin Rice, He pointed out that this record is part of a long-term trend of global warming induced by the burning of coal, oil and gas. This extreme temperature already exists “Deadly Disasters” In Australia.

“Heat waves are the killer killers in Australia, causing more deaths than any other extreme weather event.”

Martin Rice, Director of the Australian Climate Council

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Australia experienced the Australian summer of 2021, which was marked by massive wildfires in the west of the country and deadly flooding on its east coast. According to Martin Rice, these record temperatures will become commonplace without reducing greenhouse gas emissions. “Sydney and Melbourne will have 50 ° C summer days by 2030”, He estimated.

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