Egypt .. Accused of beating Essam El-Hadari’s daughter reveals details of the incident


Egypt .. Accused of beating Essam El-Hadari's daughter reveals details of the incident

Security forces in Egypt have ordered the capture of surveillance cameras in the event of a fight between the daughter of Egypt goalkeeper Essam El-Hadari and two of her friends with a security guard.

The security officer is being questioned by investigators after Shatwa Essam accused El-Hadari and two of his friends of beating themselves up and inflicting a superficial wound on El-Hadari’s daughter and injuring her boyfriend with 4 stitches in the head.

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Egypt .. Security moves urgently as Essam El-Hadari's daughter is severely beaten.

The officer confronted the security forces, admitted his act, and the fight was the result of a momentary emotion while parking the cars because al-Hadari’s daughter and her two friends did not follow the instructions.

He said he was following the instructions of his mission and that the security supervisor had instructed him on campus that he had initially warned them, but they had not responded to him, and that they had met his speech irresponsibly; It prompted him to engage in a verbal altercation with them, then attack them and damage the windshields of the cars they were traveling in at the scene.

Security officials set up surveillance cameras during a fight with the security guard at the Continental compound in Sheikh Zayed, the daughter of the first Egyptian football team goalkeeper coach Essam El-Hadari.

Investigations revealed that a fight broke out between Shatwa and a security guard inside the Continental compound in Sheikh Zayed due to their cars.

Initial inquiries revealed that Ezam El-Hadari’s daughter was with two of her friends during the fight and was preparing to stay late in a hotel while they parked their cars; There was a verbal dispute with a security guard assigned to guard the Continental compound, and things between them grew complicated in the hands; As a result, a friend of al-Hadari’s daughter suffered a serious head injury and was taken to hospital, where she was given first aid with 4 stitches.

Source: Cairo24

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