Covid 19. Do I need a fourth dose in France?

Covid 19. Do I need a fourth dose in France?

The recall campaign is in full swing and the fourth dose hypothesis against Covit-19 is already coming to an end. If the booster effect of triplets is proven, its duration over time is questionable, especially since the first mutants from which the omigran variant appeared may have escaped the vaccine-generated antibodies.

In France, it’s time to be patient before ordering anything, while the vast majority of French people are in the process of receiving a third dose. As of January 10, more than 26 million French people have received their booster dose, or 39.3% of the population.

France delayed

The eyes of health officials and the government are on early data from other countries, especially the elderly and vulnerable. To date, Israel, the champion of the vaccine, has launched a campaign to provide a fourth dose for those over 60 years of age.

In Europe, Denmark was the first country to take action in Jerusalem for people with immunodeficiency, cancer or arthritis. Like other countries, France wants to play time, at this point. Believe the recommendations given to him by health officials who are still under study of the fourth dose.

Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday, January 11, the Ministry of Health said: “The fourth dose is still under discussion and it is too early to comment on this matter. Let’s do what the science officials say, ” he said. Add: “In other European countries we are more or less at the same stage on these questions, waiting for the position of the scientific authorities. “The words echoing what Prime Minister Jean Costex said on BFMTV’s package a few days ago:” As soon as our health officials say yes, we will go. “

The opinion of the Vaccine Strategic Guidance Council (COSV) on the matter is expected soon, while the High Commission for Health (HAS) file has been captured. Both organizations need to determine the suitability of the additional dose, especially for vulnerable individuals who received the last injection of the vaccine last September, the start date of the vaccination campaign for the third dose.

There is not enough regression at this point

“This is a complete contradiction. To do its part fully, a fourth dose should be given now. But we do not have all the scientific data that will allow us to determine whether this new measure is necessary.” Agrees The world Daniel Florrett, Vice President of the Technical Commission for Vaccines of the High Commission of Health.

Stéphane Bancel, president of the American company Moderna Therapeutics, will no doubt need a new dose of the vaccine next fall. According to reports good morning. To date, one of the only studies carried out from Israel. This shows that of the 154 health professionals who received the fourth dose, their antibodies increased fivefold without causing any adverse effects. At present, however, there is a large-scale, lack of detailed data on particularly vulnerable individuals.

The danger of imposing it now is to provoke a certain fatigue among the French people at the thought of having to be vaccinated every four months. “We are overloading the immune system and making people tired,” Marco Cavaleri, director of the European Medicines Agency (EMA)’s vaccination strategy, warned on Tuesday.

Opening the fourth dose more or less quickly depends, above all, on the effectiveness of the third dose. “The impetus given by the third dose is so great that it will last over time,” said Jean-Fran்கois Delphrasi, chairman of the Scientific Council on the subject. It is understood that patience is needed in France as elsewhere.

However, the fourth dose is already available in France in some cases, especially if the effects of the third injection are insufficient for those with immunodeficiency.

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