Prince Charles exhibits his watercolors in London, but “no illusions” about their quality

Prince Charles exhibits his watercolors in London, but "no illusions" about their quality

This is the largest exhibition of his works to date. For nearly fifty years, Prince Charles’ travels to Scotland, royal residences … his travels from Switzerland to Tanzania via Provence and Greece have been a source of inspiration. He personally selected watercolors for the exhibition, which was presented by location and country until February 14th. Garrison Chapel, London.

We travel from the icy Scottish Mountains to Wales, from the Dentelles de Montmeal in Provence to Mount Athos in Greece, and into Transylvania (Romania). The prince’s brushes have also destroyed Gloucestershire in Switzerland and Saint Moritz or Sato du Barrox in the south of France.

Prince Charles chose watercolor because he invented it “Unsatisfactory photo”He explains in a speech on display with his works at Garrison Church in the Belgravia district. “It requires very intense concentration, so this is one of the most sober and therapeutic exercises I know of.”, He adds. “It takes me to another dimension, it refreshes some parts of the soul, other activities cannot be achieved.”.

Although some of his watercolors are elegant, he says he never was “No illusions” On their quality. “But they represent my particular photo album and they are very important to me.”.

Prince Charles wrote 680 watercolors, sometimes signed by AG Garrick, a nickname derived from the initials of his other two first names, Arthur and George and the Earl of Garrick.

Prince Charles is coming “From the list of artists”Rosie Alderton, overseer of the exhibition, recalled paintings by her father, Prince Philip, and watercolors and drawings by Queen Victoria (1819-1901).

No watercolor of Prince Charles has ever been on sale, but some, recreated in lithograph form, can fetch thousands of pounds on the internet. Some lithographs are also sold in his hygro garden. “All proceeds from the sale will be donated to the Prince’s Foundation or its charities that organized the exhibition.” Says Rosie Alderton. Over the years, the Daily Telegraph reports that the sale has grossed millions of pounds.

Fifty watercolors of Prince Charles were already on display at Hampton Court Palace in 1998 on his fiftieth birthday, and thirty paintings on display at the National Gallery of Australia on his 70th birthday in 2018.

Since 2019, the prince has not had time for watercolors as he is very busy in his royal businesses. Will he have anything when he is king? Rose Alderton “Hope”Because, she said, “His works are very attractive”.

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