Capricorn Sankaranti – The sun salutation to be worn by 1 crore people around the world

Capricorn Sankaranti - The sun salutation to be worn by 1 crore people around the world

The campaign launched by the Central Ministry of AYUSH this year with the aim of bringing Indian yoga and sun masks to the world stage has been well received around the world. On the day of Capricorn, 1 crore people around the world will perform Surya Namaskar. It will start from Japan and will have sun salutations at 7 am in other countries including India. This was stated by Central AYUSH Minister Sarvanand Sono at a press conference.

This time, Sono said, this year is the bitter festival of India’s independence. On that occasion, on the day of Capricorn, at least 75 lakh people were expected to join the Surya Namaskar campaign, but the campaign was very well received around the world and now there are indications that 10 million people will join the campaign.

There are eight seats in the Sun Mask, said Vaidya Rajesh Kodecha, secretary of the AYUSH ministry. Salutation is done by controlling the breath, so it is a kind of yoga practice. The project is scientifically designed and is available on the Ministry’s website. Preparations are complete for the worldwide sun salutation on January 14th. The Suryamaskar project would be most appropriate in the current Govt period. Many organizations like Indian Yoga Institute, National Yoga Sports Association, Yoga Certification Board, Fit India are collaborating for this.

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