Australia expands probe into player’s Govt test

Australia expands probe into player's Govt test
The mistakes of the Serbian tennis player are the focus of a new investigation by the Australian Home Office. & Xa0; & # xa0;  (Photo: via Associated Press)

The mistakes of the Serbian tennis player are at the center of a new investigation by the Australian Home Office. (Photo: via Associated Press)

Australian Open – The smile that Novak Djokovic posted on Instagram before coming to Australia is already far away. And thenA week of media and legal soap opera Around Serbia, the Australian government does not seem to have done the same with World No. 1 in tennis.

According to Sydney Morning Herald And Age, Two Australian media outlets have expanded the Home Office investigation Novak Djokovic, We learn this Wednesday, January 12th. His false statements in his entry form, inconsistencies regarding his Covit-19 test date and violation of isolated conditions in his native Serbia are now being investigated.

At the center of Improglio, the positive test of “Joko” is being scrutinized specifically by Australian services. The Serbian champion promised a positive result Govit-19 The night of December 17th. However, these words do not coincide with those declared under oath in court. On December 16, his lawyers said he had been “tested and diagnosed.”

A statement that, if it turns out to be false, could cost the tennis player too much, and in Australia he could face up to five years in prison for perjury.

Meeting with Team

In between Public appearances in Serbia, Interview with the Press Team And A hidden journey to Spain Before joining Australia, Novak Djokovic’s situation was dire. Its development, therefore, justified the “error of judgment” for participating in an interview with the French sports newspaper on its social networks this Wednesday, January 12th.

Serbian claims to have attended a tennis event in Belgrade on December 17, the day before his interview, but points out that he only found out about his PCR positive after that event. Refusing to “drop the journalist” the next day, he would have chosen to fulfill his commitment to the French media, knowing that he was in favor of Covid-19.

An “error of judgment” for the player but a “blatant violation” of the rules of isolation in Serbia, said Serbian Prime Minister Ana Branabic: “If you are positive, you must be isolated”.

Told the BCCI The player must explain the “gray area” surrounding this positive test. “I do not know when he really got the results, so when he saw the results, so there is a gray area … the only answer to that can be given by Novak,” he said.

According to the rules currently in force in the homeland of “Djoko”, if a positive person does not receive a negative PCR result during this period, the COVID-19 rules set a complete isolation period of 14 days. Information that Australian authorities have taken into account in their investigation.

Also included is the original error in the registration form for entry into Australia. The tennis player writes to his agent that he “sincerely apologizes for the administrative error by checking the wrong box on my previous trip before coming to Australia.”

According to Information of Age, This part of the case is being investigated specifically by Australian investigators.

New discrepancies surrounding PCR testing

Arrived in Australia with medical exemption, Serbian is also in the view of investigators due to doubts regarding the popular positive test date.

According to the German newspaper Glass, Analyst of the documents provided during the trial, Novak Djokovic’s positive test may be dated December 26, not December 16.

From journalists Spiegel Their survey – highly technical – is based on two components: the time value added to the athlete’s identifier and the number of tests that detect it much later than announced. Quite simply, the German newspaper estimates that the Serbian may have changed the date of his positive test, considering the digital data in the PCR test.

Guillaume Rozier, creator of the CovidTracker website, is a backdated PCR test hypothesis that is considered “standard”. “What has been proven [dans l’enquête du Spiegel] Very solid, very verifiable, ”he concludes In newspaper columns Team This Wednesday, January 12th, but still beware: “We can not be 100% sure that the first test was done on the 26th, but these are two more important clues”. Other Australian cybersecurity experts have cited Age, They hope the December 26 date can be explained.

So there is still a lot of work for Australian investigators to put an end to this mess started by the Serbian champion. He hopes to start the Australian Open in five days, by the end of which he will be among the Serbian sports and judicial non-heroes.

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