Bo Bichette: Sixth Best Shortstop in the Circuit (according to the MLB Network)

Bo Bichette: Sixth Best Shortstop in the Circuit (according to the MLB Network)

At this bad time, MLB needs to create content. That’s why MLB Network Radio made the top-10 of the best shortstop players in the circuit through a station analyst poll.

If it came from the MLB network, we imagine it would not have been Ken Rosenthal’s opinion.

Two players have no contract (Carlos Correa and Trevor Story), but they have to check out.

It’s no big surprise that Fernando Tottis Jr. is in the front row. Also, even though he ended the season as an outfielder and shortstop.

I do not know about you, but I was surprised to see Tree Turner in the second row. He’s great, frankly, but he’s seen him ahead of Carlos Correa and Cory Seeker (his former LA teammate and the reason he finished second paddle season).

He’s 29 years old next year (the other two will be 27) and will not have a deal like the other two guys as the clubs are overflowing looking for a big shortstop this winter, but that is his best sign. Reputation across the MLB, right?

Xander Bogaerts, despite his defensive shortcomings, completed the top 5. Deserving.

They are the only players to cross the Blue Jazz shortstop, Bo Pichet. With the help of Marcus Semyon (probably not in the top-10 because he became the second cushion player), Poe progressed at lightning speed in 2021. His stroke is better. And his defensive game.

Vander Franco, Francisco Lindor (who was over last year, apparently), Trevor Story and Tim Anderson took the top 10 spot.

Keep in mind that Javier Base, who finished the year as the second goalie in New York, was the shortstop signer in the Tigers organization, not in the top 10 either. In your opinion should he have found a place?

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