USA: Vegetarian Chicken at KFC! –

USA: Vegetarian Chicken at KFC!  -

KFC, a restaurant chain specializing in fried chicken, has been selling ‘fake chicken’ in the United States since Monday, January 10th.

“Good resolution”

“Since January is the time to make good decisions and want to do something different with your diet”, Insisted Kevin Hochman, President of the American Branch KFC, Especially reports 20 minutes, Citing as evidence The future And Capital.

This product was created with, Beyond meat, Should be like Chicken. It is based entirely on vegetable proteins. “It’s really about where consumers want to go. They want to eat more plant protein.”, A continuation m. Hochman.

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Not the first

Already in 2019, KFC And Beyond meat Introduced the vegetable version of its nails, Akka ‘Beyond Fried Chicken‘, Which is made from plant and vegetarian ingredients. This trend is being followed by other fast food companies such as Essential McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell Or Pizza Hut Thus providing menus free of animal proteins.

Last October, McDonald’s Expressed hisMcPlant‘… it should come soon United States And in some countriesEurope.

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