New complaint from press publishers on Google

New complaint from press publishers on Google

We will have to wait a little longer before the course is buried between Google and the French publisher. For the third time since November 2019, the Syndicate of Magazine Press Editors (SEPM) has filed a recommendation before the Competition Commission against the US company. “The union, which has been trying to negotiate with the company in recent months, could only notice Google’s reiteration that it did not respect the restraining orders announced by the authority.”, Especially the professional organization it represents regrets Point, Chain duck Where Telerama, In a press release issued on Monday, January 10th.

In 2019, a series of lengthy discussions between the French press and Google erupted since France overturned a European mandate on copyright, from which neighborhood rights developed. This gives the media the opportunity to get paid to retrieve the extract taken from the content in the search engine.

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After months of fruitless discussions, some professional organizations, including SEPM and Public Information Press Alliance (APIG, which represents national or regional dailies and regional weekly newspapers), has complained to the Competition Commission. According to them, Google is not negotiating in good faith. By the end of 2020, the media – Le Figaro, The world, Release, L’Express, International Courier, L’Obs -, Then, in January 2021, APIG reached agreements with a US company.

In July, the Competition Commission finally ruled in favor of the plaintiffs and fined Google 500 500 million – after which it appealed. In conclusion, the US company should not include, in particularly broad contracts, the payment of neighborhood rights and the use of full press articles provided on its search engine’s new service called “Showcase”.

Towards deals with other sites

In the wake of this decision, the SEPM called for the resumption of negotiations in September. But the debates have not yet been successful, especially with the amount awarded in the separate assessment of the rights of neighboring countries. Google wants to limit its deals from the beginning “Press Companies”, Non-existent status for all media.

APIG’s publishers resumed talks with Google in September to amend the framework agreement signed in January 2021. The Union of Trade Unions believes it “Discussions are ongoing” : “We think we can reach an agreement in the coming weeks,” he said. “

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