The Swiss military has banned WhatsApp, Signal & Telegram

The Swiss military has banned WhatsApp, Signal & Telegram

The Swiss military has ruled that its use of WhatsApp and other messaging systems does not comply with security requirements.

Swiss media reported this week that Swiss players should stop using WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram and use National Messenger instead. Data security was said to be the reason for this.

According to the Swiss media, the commanders and staff leaders received instructions on the new rules at the end of December. Military personnel are now expected to use the nationally created Trima Ambassador for official and personal communications, including conversations between soldiers and their relatives.

The instruction explicitly prohibits other applications: “All other services are no longer authorized”, Media that can access the content of the reported email. However, it is not known whether any penalties will be imposed on those who use WhatsApp or other foreign ambassadors.

The military believes that “Give an example,” Like them “Encouraged to keep in touch with Trima.”

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The military will also cover the cost of downloading the national app – 4 Swiss francs ($ 4.35). Annual contributions collected by the company will be paid by the military.

The recommendations apply to everyone in the military, including new recruits and returnees for refresher training, military spokesman Daniel Reist told AFP. Switzerland mandates compulsory military service for all male citizens under the age of 19 and deemed eligible for service.

A military spokesman told local media that the move was prompted by concerns about data security. Threema is subject to Swiss law and, unlike foreign applications, complies with EU public data protection regulations.

US-based applications such as WhatsApp and Signal are subject to US Cloud Act, which allows US officials to access data held by US app operators, even if stored outside the country. The United States may also require companies to send user information through a legal request. Telegram, in this case, may also be the subject of an order that serves US customers.

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“From the company [Threema] Based in Switzerland, it is not subject to cloud law like US companies ”, This trip.

In 2019, India launched Facebook and WhatsApp “Important Source” The military has been called in to gather hostile intelligence, to avoid revealing too much personal information about the ambassadors and to deactivate their accounts.

Russia’s Defense Ministry also announced last year that it would develop smartphone and mobile apps for military personnel.

The U.S. military has also had an app-related headache. In 2018, U.S. sites and patrol routes around the world were compromised, not by an ambassador, but by a fitness observer, after an American launch released the Global Exercise Heat Map.

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