The iPhone 13 is fully sold out, with over 40 million smartphones sold during the holiday season

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The iPhone 13 is in great demand worldwide, and in some markets Apple has failed to produce enough units to cope with long waits. In other words, the iPhone 13 series proves to be a huge success for Apple.

The company sold 40 million iPhone 13s during the holidays, According to a study by Wedbush researcher Daniel Ives. Although no figures have been released to date, Apple has not released the data, according to iPhone 13 researcher Daniel Eves. “Strong product cycle in a decade.

Note Has been published By Philip Elmer-David, forecasts for Apple’s financial performance and predictions that Apple will become the first publicly traded U.S. company worth $ 3 trillion. According to Eves, IPhone 13 sales will continue to grow in 2022.

According to his estimate, Ives believes demand for the December quarter was more than 12 million units.

The researcher also believes that Apple could not meet the demand for the iPhone 13 in December, mainly due to the chip shortage situation. Here is an excerpt from the note:

Despite the supply chain shortage dominating the conversation around Apple over the past quarter, our focus is on the story of strong consumer demand for the iPhone 13 in 2022. Based on our supply chain audits over the past few weeks, we believe. Apple’s demand for the December quarter is expected to exceed 12 million units, boosting sales. Cupertino during March and June quarters, when supply chain problems eased in the first half 22

Lack of components

Apple continues to tackle component shortages, but sales of new iPhones are expected to reach new highs throughout the year as the issue is on track to be resolved.

The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro were initially released in September 2021. The next generation iPhone, the iPhone 14, is expected to be announced in September of this year, which gives the iPhone 13 series plenty of time to sell even better.

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