Was Novak Djokovic allowed to enter Australia without the vaccine?

Was Novak Djokovic allowed to enter Australia without the vaccine?

Lawyers for the world’s No. 1 tennis player said on Saturday (January 8) that he had received assurances from the Australian Immigration Department before he arrived in the country. Serbian justifies his exemption from vaccinating against Kovit-19 infection from mid-December – during which time he appeared at public events without a mask.

The case of Novak Djokovic does not stop appearing in the Australian press. Imprisoned in solitary confinement at a hotel in Melbourne, the Serbian tennis champion continues his good faith voice through the voices of his lawyers after his visa was revoked overnight from Wednesday 5 to Thursday, January 6.

According to a document filed in federal court on Saturday, the world’s No. 1 vaccine exempt from going to the state capital of Victoria to attend the Australian Open from January 17 to 30 (usually to be entered. Country) due to a recent outbreak with Covid 19. According to this documentWas able to consult daily Age, Is a Serbian player “It simply came to our notice then”.

Yet according to his lawyers, “Nol”, as his fans call him, should “Received a certificate of exemption from the Chief Medical Officer of the Australian Tennis Association on December 30.”. An insult would have convinced him of its validity. “A letter from the Australian Immigration Department a few days before he arrives in Melbourne confirms this [le joueur] He met the conditions for entry into Australia without isolation on the grounds that he had contracted Govt disease for the second time in December.”.

Support rally

According to the documents this time was able to consult with the organizers of the Australian Open Age, “Players must submit their exemption claims to a panel of independent experts by December 10th. That would have disqualified the World No. 1 contender from the tournament as he had not yet tested positive for Kovit-19 on that date..

A judge in Melbourne is set to re-examine Serbian’s case, which has so far remained silent on vaccination and immunization status. Some of his supporters gathered in front of his hotel on Friday, January 7, on Orthodox Christmas Day, where they were also ordained. Immigrants While waiting for a residence permit.

Instagram and Facebook accounts were taken as witnesses

As mentioned Age, “One day after he claimed to have tested positive, [Novak Djokovic] Posted on Social Websites Photos showing him during a ceremony organized by the Serbian government at the event to create a logo with his figurine”.

On the same day, he reportedly attended an awards ceremony for young tennis players in Belgrade. Many media outlets broadcast A post from the Serbian Tennis Federation Facebook account Dated December 17th, it shows photos of the unmasked player.


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