Why Should You Do Pmp Certification In 2021

If you are a little bit bamboozled by having a Pmp certification course in 2921, then here are all the details you should know About why you should have a Pmp certificate with you.

A Pmp or the Project Management Professional certification in 2021 is one of the most demanding courses. It helps you to advance your career path in tech as well as helps you to grow your level of knowledge.

A good project manager can be an asset to any company and employers want to keep them with a higher salary range. Also, there is another benefit of having the Pmp course, as it helps you stay at the top of the tech hierarchy.

When you are going to pursue a Pmp certificate course (Project Management Professional certification), you can team it up with your educational tech skills which will help you to gain more opportunities. Here in this article, we will add every detail you should know about why you must have pursued a Pmp certification. Let’s walk down the article. 

Add more professional skills to your position

If you are already holding the position of project manager, you are doing really well. But suppose you don’t have any papers to back it up. In this case, you can do your best and legitimize your expertise by pursuing a Professional project management certification course. It will help you to get a professional accreditation also.

It will boost the trustworthiness of your professional skills. Also, it will help to make it easier to look for other project management roles. Other employers can rely on your professional experience without any second thought. With the support of this Pmp certification course, you may also get a choice of higher ranking or promotion in your company with a higher salary. 

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Positive Job Outlook

With this single certificate course, people can get more job-oriented roles. As per the report of the Pmp certificate Institution, by the year 2027, most employers will be in search of individual project management-based professionals. So there will be a huge chance to accelerate your job or career path with this Pmp certificate.

Provide Advancement To Your Career

You might have heard of key roles in any business sector. Any business sector is based on three key roles which are a program manager, a business leader, and a lead tech architect. But one who is possessing a Professional project management course certificate can overlap with the lead tech architect role because he or she is compatible with both of the positions. 

So whenever you will have the capability to handle both the positions together, it is quite confirmed that you have this mix of both technical skills and project management skills. Employers want these kinds of people more who possess both technical and management skills.

Definitely, it will help you advance your career path. Right!

Go With The Industrial Flow

Every single aspect can be changed with time. So in industries. Project management methods can be changed with time. And this Pmp course will update your skills with the changes and trends in project management. So you can go with the modern industrial flow without any boundary.

Create Your Own Network

Some institutions which provide the Pmp certificate organize in-person and virtual events to keep all the professionals in a row with what is going on in the industry. With these events, you can come across other professionals who may show interest in your professionalism. It will help you to create a network across the industry within your nation, even in foreign countries too.

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Earn a Higher Salary

Here is another interesting fact. When you have completed a certificate course on Pmp, you can not only dream of a higher salary, you will avail yourself of a higher salary. As you will grow in this position with a few years of experience, your salary range will increase equivalently.

How To Start Your Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Course

The Project Management Institute (PMI) offers this Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Course. It is a standard management course for those who are interested in growing their wholesome skills. 

Here are the eligibility criteria for the Pmp course.

PMP Aspirants Graduate Diploma
Formal education 4 years degree course in any discipline 3 years diploma in any discipline
Project management experience 3 years experience of leading projects 5 years experience of leading projects
Training 35 hours of project management training 35 hours of project management training


You can register for this course. If you are a member of PMI, then registration fees, and exam fees will be lower.

The exam has 180 questions divided into three parts:

  • Process (50%)
  • People (42%)
  • Business Environment (8%)

Total 230 minutes will be allotted for the exam. You need to pass successfully in this exam. When you have successfully passed the exam, you will be provided with a Professional project management certificate. If you want to maintain your certificate valid on a regular basis, you have to get a minimum of 60 Professional Development Units (PDUs) every three years.

How To Apply For The Pmp Certificate Course?

You have to go through these steps to apply for the Professional project management course.

  • Register at pmi.org
  • Create your personal profile
  • Get formal education in PMP certification
  • Earn 35 contact hours
  • Apply for PMI membership (this can help you to get discounts on the latest version of study materials such as foundation standards, and the PMBOK guide)
  • Then submit your online application within 90 days
  • PMI will start reviewing and accepting applications within 5 to 6 days
  • Pay your fees after acceptance of the application
  • Schedule your exam
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Pmp Preparation Tips You Should Follow

  • Make sure that you are following your own study plan
  • Purchase the best exam study book
  • Go through the PMBOK guide
  • Take practice exams
  • Take participation in study groups
  • Manage your study time effectively


So without having a delay, start growing with the world-class Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Course and enhance your career path with a higher salary. All the best.

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