London facilitates travel conditions, Prague checks all workers every week

London facilitates travel conditions, Prague checks all workers every week

In the UK, 194,747 Govt cases were reported in 24 hours. More than 17,000 positive patients are currently hospitalized in the UK, which has not been noticed since last February. Above all, the country relaxes restrictions:

“Since Friday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said We will remove the departure screening test before discouraging many from traveling for fear of getting stuck abroad and incurring significant additional costs. Until the negative PCR is available, we will eliminate the need to isolate ourselves upon arrival and return to the system we had in October last year, with people coming to the UK to undergo antigen testing at the end of the second day. The latest and, if it is positive, another PCR test to help detect any new variation in the boundary “.

In the Czech Republic, there are fears that the length of isolation will affect economic activity, and the government is reducing it. He will also inspect the staff; Only those who had not been vaccinated until then were tested once a week. The Brock vaccine accelerates the booster.

“From Tuesday, the isolation and isolation period will be reduced to five days. Five full calendar days. One isolation period, one isolation period for all, with no exceptions. Health Minister Vlastimil Valek said.

Currently, 2,854 patients are hospitalized for Kovit in the Czech Republic, of which 506 are in critical condition.

Since the end of December 2019, the epidemic has killed at least 5,456,207 people worldwide.

In absolute terms, the United States is the saddest country, following Brazil and Russia, with 830,284 deaths.

Taking into account the high number of deaths directly and indirectly linked to Covid 19, the World Health Organization estimates that the number of infections may be two to three times higher than officially recorded.

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