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Cadillac InnerSpace: A Future View

Cadillac used CES in Las Vegas to launch the new concept car. Following in the footsteps of last year’s personal space and social space concepts, InnerSpace is said to be an amazing success of electricity and autonomous luxury.

With the aim of attracting more attention than going into production, the InnerSpace concept is a futuristic plot that draws inspiration from Cadillac’s past with its low and tight lines. This concept with padding dimensions makes a radiator grille fully enclosed and clear. When frameless doors open normally, a glass roof rises around a very sloping glass to allow access to the edge by clearing the roof. The rear end extends under the bubble to provide acceptable cargo space. No doubt we are in the world of concept car!

While the exterior is at least spectacular, the interior space is all about the interior. As Cadillac noted, fully autonomous driving technology allows drivers to focus on their journey rather than driving. The trip will be relaxed as it includes lounge-style seats with footrests. They are integrated with an in-depth and panoramic SMD LED display that offers themes of reality engagement, entertainment and wellness recovery. A complete program …

Cadillac did not release performance figures, but said it was able to distribute battery modules throughout the vehicle to increase space and safety, thanks to the Ultium operating system’s wireless battery management system.

Brian Nesbitt, Managing Director for GM’s Global Advanced Design and Global Architecture Studio, said Hollow Concepts is a vision for the next decade and beyond, showing the potential of General Motors’ holistic approach to business. A world of zero accidents, zero missions and zero traffic jams.

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