Again, Kyrie Irving wins and lets a madness back into the Nets!

Kyrie Irving de retour avec les Nets

Kyrie Irving was on the pacers’ platforms this Wednesday evening, and can smile. Despite taking a fight from the locker room, this game was won by the Nets. The leader, meanwhile, was stunned by a truly good performance: a good omen for the future.

After many months of waiting, Kyrie Irving Found floors with Kevin Durant and James Horton, as well as the rest of the list. The captain faced the pacers this Wednesday night, at least without permission, as he was not allowed to play in New York. So how did he do it?

Fans will be delighted to hear that Brooklyn won the game first: 129-121. Before we see Steve Nash’s men get up, we can say that it was very complicated because the crackers were in the lead for most of the match. Irving? Yes, his acting is successful.

Kyrie Irving returns to court successfully!

Uncle Drew played for 32 minutes, proof of his good physical shape. He finished the 9/17 shooting with 22 points, 4 assists and a +16 rating, which shows his impact on the floors. Above all it is a great achievement for Kyrie to be happy to take the win, because it cannot be said to have won in advance.

But to resolve all this, we still have to wait. Irving is here today, but will have to step aside when the Nets return to Barclays Center. How does this list fit into all of this? There will be a lot of work for the staff. In the meantime, let’s enjoy looking at Kairi again on one floor:

A successful return to Kyrie Irving, he finished a good personal game, but won above all else. The next few weeks are decisive but the fans are happy. A key moment in the Nets campaign.

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