All-Star Tactically Deals With Los Angeles!

Le Laker qu'on n'est pas prêt de revoir selon Vogel NBA

Los Angeles, one of the league’s largest and most popular markets, often allows its owners to obtain the support of big names in the circuit through a free agency. This time, however, an All-Star, on the contrary, addressed a major hidden stigma against the City of Angels!

The lesson returns every off-season, causing a bit of dissatisfaction from some fans. Whether the NBA likes it or not, the size and popularity of the various markets that make up a team play a major role in the free agent recruitment process. For decades, owners in New York or Los Angeles have been reaping the rewards.

When a league star hesitates between two places due to the living environment and the business opportunities that the latter can offer, they will often deal with the criteria in their favor. For example, lake-goers who are able to catch a big fish like a big fish are in a good position to know it. LeBron James Thanks for this deal for the summer of 2018.

Bradley Peel implicitly scolds Los Angeles

On the other hand, despite all the advantages that the City of Angels has to offer, there are some disadvantages with the fact that playing there. Kyle Kuzma’s case can be cited as such, highlighting the pressure and great expectations that arise from the reality that emerges there. A feature that Bradley Peel rightly criticized in a recent interview with Chase Hughes NBC Sports.

He is now in a growing environment. He can breathe, relax, and play. He no longer has to worry about all the external things and distractions. He is playing.

Away from LA’s sometimes toxic atmosphere this summer, Kuzma is once again living in the colors of witches.

He actually finds a good level of performance in terms of scoring (14.5 points per game) and shows a lifetime increase in rebounds (8.3), bass (2.9) and against (0.7). He is delighted at first with his new face, which he too justifies by the change of his landscape.

I’m in a great situation here in Washington. The coaching staff trusts me, the players trust me, and I’m honestly having fun. I’m having so much fun.

Since Montreal Harrell and Kentavius ​​Caldwell-Pope also discovered their colors in the American capital, Gus was not the only member of his group that made this speech. One has to wonder what that means Russell Westbrook Can’t follow the same path in the future …

Seeing Kyle Kuzma shine so far away from Los Angeles, Bradley Peel is inevitably surprised about the benefits of playing in Los Angeles. A blow to the lockers who have been targeting the Wizards back for years!

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