2 places to see in 2022!

Australie et Dubaï : 2 destinations à visiter en 2022 !

Both of these places offer Absolutely exotic system. Although they are very different from a cultural, architectural and historical point of view, They are rich. Also, these are areas that should be favorable if you expect sun and rest. One will impress you Its oriental and modern atmosphere, There is another Heavenly Beaches !
On this special 2022 travel ticket, I highlight these two holiday destinations that everyone dreams of going on one day. Sure, I can not go into details, but I will try to share Useful portrait of their characteristics and activities to be performed.

Visit Dubai and Australia: 2 Opposite Places!
The United Arab Emirates and Australia are two countries that are highly opposed at all levels, especially culturally and historically. From an architectural point of view, these two places offer a very modern urban landscape, with beautiful monuments in a colorful setting.
If you hesitate between these two areas, visit both. No just kidding. It depends on what you are looking for, but you can compare if you have the chance.
Australia is a paradise for surfers and water sports. It produces massive and long white sands with turquoise and lukewarm water. It is also a very cultural place with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. If you like natural hikes, animal encounters, museums and outdoor activities … then go for it!
For the United Arab Emirates, especially Dubai, the mood is different. The idea of ​​discrediting this city is far from me, a charm rooted in tradition and modernity. With this in mind if you have never been to a country or city, I highly recommend it. Despite its superficiality, Dubai has a very important cultural and historical heritage!

Discover beautiful southern lands!
Your preferences and desires are likely to go to Australia. The area with hundreds of thousands of natural treasures is immense and can be discovered without delay … If this is your decision, take it Visa Australia To find the country in several months. I suggest you go to the most beautiful Australian cities to visit:

Adelaide for Fauna, Flora and Culture!
By running the Kangaroo Island Nature Reserve, Adelaide wants to be the closest city to nature and animals. Also, it is one of the most cosmopolitan places in the country, with lots of museums and centers focusing on local culture and all kinds of arts.

Sydney and its very sober system
Although the city of Sydney is a true concentration of museums and galleries, it is a very sober and hassle-free environment. Stroll around the Roundabout Quay Marina and its inevitable sailing opera house!

Melbourne, a trendy and vibrant city
If you are looking for trendy bars, great restaurants and places to go out, Melbourne knows how to mix culture and fun. The city also has some cultural sites such as museums and exhibition centers. For shopping, this is a must visit place!

Canberra, historic capital
Those who want to see the historical monuments, I think can not ignore going to Canberra. This is a great opportunity to soak up the culture of the country and learn more about the past of the southern lands …

Brisbane for garden lovers
Brisbane has a large number of botanical gardens and flower beds. But it does not, the city hosts a lot of cultural and science exhibitions… but it’s not, you can find plenty of contemporary art museums and something to recharge your batteries on the river bank.

Dubai: The Pearl and Pride of the United Arab Emirates
If you want to be grand and spectacular, you will surely be amazed by the beauty of Dubai and its modern skyscrapers. Although the city describes a large, almost future urban landscape, it is a beautiful vacation spot to find alone or with family!
As in Australia, I recommend booking a rental car to explore Dubai. If you are not very interested in urbanized systems, an efficient mode of transportation will allow you to leave the city in search of new landscapes such as the Al-Ain Oasis.

Key activities to do in Dubai
There are a lot of activities to do in Dubai, first of all, I invite you to explore the city center and its key locations. This is essential Visit Burj Khalifa Feel its magnificence! This is the tallest skyscraper in the world! Do not miss the concert either Dubai Springs, Invention Old Town and Deira District, Crossing Dubai Creek to leave the city center, or, A wonderful safari In the golden dunes.
For cultural trips, the Dubai Museum Is a great choice. Besides being cheap, you will learn more about what the city was like before oil was discovered. Many archeological remains and excavations are on display, as well as objects belonging to civilians on display. So, pick up a great cultural baggage for yourself to learn about Dubai! :

Leisure, Entertainment, Abu Dhabi, Al An …
Here is a list of hobbies to choose from: Dubai Frame, Amusement park Legoland, Miracle Garden, The Bollywood Park As well as fisheries. If you like beautiful architecture, the Jumeirah Mosque should beat you. Or, do not hesitate to follow Bathroom in the marina For a health walk not too far from the city center.
To fulfill your invention desires, leave the city Visit Abu Dhabi and Al-Ain Oasis, Two interesting and unavoidable cities. During the trip, you will definitely explore some beautiful and typical villages.

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