Researchers have been making changes in chicken embryos for years to give them the characteristics of dinosaurs. In both cases, they had great success.

Two experts from Yale and Harvard University, archaeologist and developmental biologist Bart-Anson S. Fuller and Arhat Abzhanov lead a research team that does a very interesting job: presenting the characteristics of dinosaurs to chicken humans, he wrote. Interesting engineering.

The group basically reverses or alters the development of individuals, while in the DNA of embryos there was only the characteristic of the animal. Therefore, in 2015, the crane of the study individuals was transformed into something similar to the nose, as seen in Velocroft and Archeopteryx.

From an evolutionary point of view researchers definitely do the work.

One year after the crane was redesigned, another expert at the University of Chile, Joao Francisco Botelho, inhibited the IHH gene and achieved remarkable results in chickens: able to modify the developmental characteristics of the lower leg in individuals. Dinosaurs. This part of the bone is completely lost during evolution.

Researchers do not know where they are now, but it is known that the embryos were destroyed without exception.

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