Is the trophy completely impossible in the eyes of Timaro Deroson?

DeMar DeRozan tout sourire depuis son arrivée aux Bulls

DeMar DeRozan confuses everyone in the NBA microcosm with his performances Breathtaking And his buzzer beaters in a distorted state. And for the league’s “legend”, the winger’s current form should allow him to win the impossible trophy.

DeMar DeRozan wanted to return home to Los Angeles this summer, and when he sees the Lockers form, he has no regrets about signing in Chicago. At an Eastern conference, he knows better, the winger sees his best position and his clutch approach. Last week, the Bulls were a few seconds behind at the end of their last two games, The future man has achieved a unique feat in history.

Timaro Droson MIP?

Because of these two buzzer beaters and the statistics they have, some experts such as Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and Giannis Antetokounmpo have begun to make a name for themselves in the race for the MVP. His bulls are leading in the East, so I have to say that they deserve a representative in this debate. But for Brian Scolabrain, Dimar Droson also deserves to be quoted for the most unlikely trophy.

Dimar Droson should be seriously considered for the MIP title

According to legend Brian Scholabrine, Timaro Deroson should also be considered the most advanced player in the NBA this season. With an average of 21.6 points in Chicago from 21.6 points last year to Spurs 26.8, I have to say he has really experienced a huge statistical growth. But is this enough to win the trophy that is usually reserved for young people?

Probably not because Timaro Deroson was always able to score points and he had other assignments in San Antonio. It turned out to be 7 assists on average against 4.6 with the bulls. The winger does not need to improve, he is back in the role of a scorer who is a perfect match for him. The competition for the MVP title is fantastic, and its place is undoubtedly greater than that of the MIP.

DeMar DeRozan has found a character that suits him best, be it the scorer and the clutch player. This should allow him to get a place in many personal rankings. Valuable, And for Scalabrain, he could even make a historic MVP / MIP duo.

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