Here are the longest running teams in the last World Series

Here are the longest running teams in the last World Series

When the Atlanta Braves were crowned World Series champions last October, you may have thought they deserved it, it has been a while since Atlanta got a title. Their last period was 26 years ago in 1995.

While it is true that 26 years of not winning the final prize may seem like a long time, the lucky franchisees may not even come close to having to endure. In fact, such a famine would be in the middle of the pack for a very long time without winning the final prize.

Currently, the ball fans in Cleveland are the ones waiting the longest. Since 1948, 73 years ago, the Guardians have not received top honors. It’s been almost three-quarters of a century, that is.

However, it is enough that Ohio baseball fans have already tasted such success. The Texas Rangers have not been crowned MLB Champions since being founded in 1961, 61 years ago.

The same goes for the Brewers, Patresses and Mariners, who have not yet attained their glory. Although Milwaukee and San Diego dealerships were established in 1969, it has been in Seattle since 1977.

He is much less decorated, and to date is the only major baseball team to have not played in the World Series. All the clubs except the Mariners were able to do this even though they had not already come up.

Has not won a World Series since 1993 and 1998.

The Braves, due to their 26-year famine, were not kept so bad. They still got a fourth ring by removing the Astros a few months ago.

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