“We promise, we will pay our taxes in France”: Amazon suffered an incredibly bad buzz on Instagram

"We promise, we will pay our taxes in France": Amazon suffered an incredibly bad buzz on Instagram

“Do not deceive us”. The Amazon Prime Video Instagram account, this Thursday, December 30th, called on Internet users to suggest topics for changing its Instagram “bio”, which is visible directly on the profile’s homepage. Many responses were given, but managers of Amazon’s video streaming service did not expect to receive that type of message. According to BFMTV.

A few days after launching this initiative, they were confronted with hundreds of comments regarding the tax improvement practice of American companies. Amazon, in fact, hides a large portion of its revenue in France and continues to stand alone in trying to avoid taxes as much as possible.

“We promise, we will pay our taxes in France”

In the first hours, most Internet users made various and varied plans, not to mention Amazon’s tax issues. However, one Internet user suggested: “We promise, we will pay our taxes in France”, for the movement to take place and for hundreds of “likes” to appear on the social network. Meanwhile, Amazon Prime Video chose another less critical title: “Daddy’s Home,” featured on his Instagram profile.

Later, Amazon used the opportunity to remove the first idea that the American multinational company should pay its taxes in France. A situation that immediately caused a wave on Instagram, each using a deleted leadmodif targeting the American giant.

In May 2021, The Guardian, a British daily, reported that Amazon had not paid income tax, despite generating about 44 44 billion in revenue in Europe. The Luxembourg-based company also benefited from a tax debt of மில்லியன் 56 million after declaring financial losses.

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