Maximum US, up to 14 people in 121 m2!

Maximum US, up to 14 people in 121 m2!

Across the Atlantic, our European integrations can be sent to good city dwellers. In the land of Uncle Sam, the world of the leisure vehicle takes you to unknown spheres on the old continent. The proof, for example, was signed by the Powerhouse coach with the good monsters.

Whether for entertainment or business use, Powerhouse Coach, an American company based in the northwestern US state of Idaho, will satisfy your cravings for more. Luxury trainers, trailers, vintage toer tricks or motor homes, Whatever your preference, whatever your need, this type of American expert will deliver ready-made products on wheels of your choice.


There are many standard models on the American expert’s table with different layouts and lengths, and whether you already have a vehicle, or you just want to change the leisure or want the complete set (mostly Volvo) trucks and almost 500hp man). But, whatever your preference, you should limit your funding to several dozen (for simple arrangement) or most of the time. Hundreds of thousands of euros for high quality service including vehicle.

14 people, a car and motorcycles

Among the new models marketed by Powerhouse Coach, the Ultra Coach 45 Triple Thrills! Therefore, 121 m2 can be used to provide living space, trailers included, This truly nomadic home can accommodate up to 14 peopleEveryone can sleep in a vehicle with 6 beds and two sofa beds!

Generosity without flash

In short, a real lodge with an XXL living room with multiple benches and armchairs, fully equipped kitchen and bathroom (sometimes two), 108cm TV and A garage that can accommodate … a small car or 4 motorcycles and a boat can be towed at ease! For the rest, you can determine from the photos of our slide show, the different fittings and materials used are not particularly dazzling, but strong, functional and practical.

Posted on 02/01/2022 Updated 02/01/2022

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