Two years later, they found a successful ticket for $ 100,000 on a shelf

Two years later, they found a successful ticket for $ 100,000 on a shelf

What a great gift to easily celebrate the end of the year! Woman wins AU $ 100,000 ticket (சுமார் 64,000) The newspaper reports on Thursday, December 30, that she was looking for a gift package in her linen closet. 20 minutes It is associated with the site This Warm Wishes ticket was given to them two years ago for Christmas, but it was never scratched.

The couple, who live in Nelson Bay, did just that while having breakfast In their closet was found a jackpot that had been inactive for two years. “We were having breakfast and my wife decided to scratch it while eating,” the husband said. Before the winning ticket, his companion “then began to shout with joy”: this is beautiful Jackpot Buy a car, spend the holidays, and let the air conditioning system into their home.

“We walked through this closet several times, We cleaned it up, not knowing it was $ 100,000 the whole timeSaid the husband.

The couple also pointed out that they plan to “buy a bunch of scratch tickets and put them on Christmas cards and give them to everyone”. “A little luck”, they get too A big surprise Scratch.

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