“They will not be champions, they should not have already been”

La superstar NBA des Milwaukee Bucks, Giannis Antetokounmpo, a imité une dinguerie de LeBron James

In the history of the NBA, there have always been teams with controversy over their title. For example, despite the fact that last year the Bucks had their good lives, this is a situation where fans are not the only ones.

While January is here, betting for the playoffs is still exciting in the NBA. Although the Govt vulnerabilities have all been reversed, owners want to win as many games as possible this regular season. In the West, the Warriors and Suns dominate the competition, while in the East, the Bulls and Nets make the show.

Not too far away, we see bucks and heats still wanting the title this season. After all, Milwaukee has a title to protect and trust Giannis Antetocounmo To do what is necessary. However, not everyone is a fan of the title the Greeks acquired last year.

The bucks title for this former locker is controversial

At the expense of the sun, do the bucks really deserve this ring? The answer for many is no. Here in particular, the former Laker is unhappy: Robert Harry. On the latest “Big Shot Pop” podcast, Angelino decided to tackle Milwaukee, recalling what happened in the previous series against Kevin Durant Nets.

I don’t think any team will have a chance to hit a triple again. We can have a team and it will work again and again, but otherwise, I highly doubt it. Maybe it won’t happen again, look at what the lockers did. They won a championship and next year their team was completely different. We already know that the Bucks will not do this b2b because they should not have even been in the final for the first time … they only won with the big toe.

The “big toe” here, Kevin Durand, thought he had highlighted his team in the first few seconds of Game 7 against the Bucks. But because his shoe size was a little too high, before losing a few minutes, Katie had to settle in the colon. The call that changed a lot of things in these 2021 playoffs …

Still, Bucks’ disrespect is sad enough. Mike Budenholzer’s men have played great basketball and can dream of hitting a double hundred with Gianni. It should not be forgotten that Milwaukee, like many others, has to deal with the absence.

Did the Bucks get lucky against the nets? We like to say yes, but it does not slow down their journey. We can say in any case that Robert Harry will not be spending his vacation in Wisconsin.

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