Switzerland highs of zero degrees Celsius record temperatures in Europe: year begins lightly

Switzerland highs of zero degrees Celsius record temperatures in Europe: year begins lightly

Temperatures in Switzerland have plummeted to a record low of zero degrees Celsius at this time of year. By 2022, the frost limit will be 3,764 meters, MeteoSwiss said Saturday.

In December and January, the zero-degree equilibrium reached only three times the maximum since the measurements began. The record for January 6, 1999 was only 100 meters high.

The first day of the year begins with sunny weather and moderate temperatures. However the plateau was covered with fog at night from Friday to Saturday. According to the SRF Meteo, its density was relatively high due to the accumulation of dust emitted by crackers.

about that:
The weather is straining the nerves of the resorts

Exceptional result of the year in France

On the mainland of France, 2021 ended with temperature recordings, which M “téo-France points out on Friday as “the lightest ever measured since 1947”, an anomaly adapted to climate change.

This record of gentleness is about the whole of France, which was explained to AFP Christine Bern, a climate expert from Météo-France. “Temperatures were 5 ° C warmer than normal for eight days, with a national temperature of 10.7 ° C (average temperature from 30 representative stations) between December 24 and 31”, Meteo France notes. “This decision for 2021 is placed on the first step of the stage before 2002 (10.5 ° C) and 2015 (9.8 C),” according to the public establishment.

Records were broken, for example in Nîmes, recorded 20.9 ° C on December 29 (measurements since 1922) and 20.7 ° C on December 30 (measurements since 1922) on Marseille-Marignane “, as well as very light nights like Perpignan on December 29 With 16.9 C on (pre-1924 measurements).

“This mild season is mainly due to the hot air coming from North Africa and Spain,” Christine Bern said. (AFP)

January 1 is the hottest day in London

The United Kingdom recorded its hottest New Year’s Saturday with temperatures hovering above 16 degrees in the capital, London, according to the British Meteorological Agency. The Meteorological Agency has reported 16.2 degrees Celsius in central London’s St. James’ Park.

The previous record was set in 1916, when Cornwall recorded a low of 15.6 degrees. “This heat record for the New Year 2022 is due to the flow of tropical hot air coming from the Azores,” the meteorological service said.

It will not last, however, he warned that during the week “cold winds from the Arctic cause night frosts, and for some it will snow on Tuesday”.

The United Kingdom has already recorded its hottest New Year’s day on Friday, with 15.8 degrees during the day in Somerset (southwest of England) and 16.5 degrees in the evening in the city of Pala in North Wales. The previous New Year’s Eve record was 14.8 degrees Celsius in the coastal city of Colvin in Wales in 2011. (AFP)

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