Google Focuses on Augmented Reality, New Smart Glasses Work

According to the New York Times, Google is already developing new smart glasses.

Google Smart 20211231
Google is also developing a new prototype of smart glasses (Pixabay).

2022 marks an important turning point Developed reality. Meta focuses more on metawares, as we explained to you a few days ago, works with the viewer Project Cambria. Talk similar to AppleWith his first viewer, who has been much talked about for a few weeks now.

According to the New York Times, even Google is already working on a mission New pair of glasses. The device in question seems to be a kind of evolution of the North products purchased by Big G in June 2020.

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Google smart glasses for augmented reality, information leaked

Google Smart 20211231
Here is everything you need to know about it (Unsplash)

To date, little is known about the new ones Google Smart Glasses. The New York Times has limited itself to publishing the news, with Big G not commenting yet. As mentioned, the device in question may be an evolution of the projects the company is working on North. Launched before Google acquired Focuses 2.0. It would have been a smart mirror with a retinal display and a holographic projector. Users can view useful information such as weather and their calendar appointments directly from the lens.

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Google can focus on this concept precisely with new ones Smart glasses Designed for a wider audience. In terms of pricing, Focals 1.0 can be taken as a benchmark: starting at $ 1,000 and then dropping to $ 599. The next few months will definitely be very enjoyable, especially for a fan The sector is constantly evolving This represents an important crossroads in the way we all interact with technology.

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