Geely’s Zigzag autonomous electric vehicle integrates with the Waymo One – AVEM

Geely's Zigzag autonomous electric vehicle integrates with the Waymo One - AVEM

Vemo One is known for opening its first self-driving car transport service in Phoenix, Arizona. Integrating its Waymo Driver management solution, its operating fleet will receive several examples of Geely’s new Zeekr model designed in Sweden in a few years.

For 10 years

For more than 10 years, the American company has been active in enabling transportation by autonomous vehicle. Since 2009, more precisely, by first trusting the Toyota Prius, modified by Google. In 2015, it caused a stir by allowing a blind person to travel freely with the Firefly, an electric city car with two seats without a steering wheel and pedals, but thanks to computers and sensors.

Two years later, Waymo became an independent entity in autonomous driving technology, and in conjunction with the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles team transformed the Waymo Driver solution into the first car already produced in the large series: the Hybrid MPV Pacifica. The move opened the first experiments in real situations with the people of Phoenix.

The test led to the launch of the world’s first commercial service for autonomous carpooling in 2018. Henceforth, it operates across the borders of the American metropolis.

Zieger de Keeley

What will the new Zeekr vehicle developed by Geely in Sweden bring to the Waymo One service? First, a return to the electric model designed to provide on-demand carpooling service independently. But this time it is likely to carry 5 people and 6 people.

Zeekr differs by a flat and very low base, but the hostile opening of the doors, which made it possible to remove the central separation post. All of this makes it easier to get into the passenger compartment.

Designed like a spaceship, the Zeekr is a bubble of space and comfort. The legs and head are not likely to be controlled by a highly defined cell. Fully adjustable, the seats can carry people and loads. The invaders will have chargers and entertainment screens for their smartphones.

In a few years

However, do not expect these machines to land quickly around the world. Waymo One Announces Launch ” On American roads in the coming years .

This voluntary ambiguity leaves the Chinese team with the time it takes to build the engine without the steering wheel or pedals in Gothenburg and brings it to the production and distribution stages.

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