Fosto commented on the health issues in an emotional statement: “I was admitted to the hospital”

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This Saturday (1) Fostavo made his debut in the band He also made an emotional statement about the health problems he was facing. The 71-year-old spokesman underwent dialysis and had a catheter removed, and was hospitalized for a short time.

“Everyone here has been in big trouble lately. A year ago I was admitted to the hospital. I especially use this opportunity to thank my wife and my children. Doctors, science has the answer to everything you expect, and of course hope. “, Said the presenter.


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“With all of this, it’s an opportunity to thank you for the revelations I have received. In this time of ups and downs of life you see who you can count on. Of course, I do not think they care much about me.”, Highlighted by the artist.

“I appreciate these expressions of affection, unity, generosity and empathy. And is ready for new challenges. This group brings it all here: smile, energy, vitality. To celebrate the great change of the band, we will all have the strength to work with you, which is the reason for our work. “, Faustão finished.


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