The monster ‘reverse leg’ has haunted Australia for centuries

The monster 'reverse leg' has haunted Australia for centuries

Yovi is a magical creature with a fierce appearance that has appeared in Australian stories for hundreds of years.

From centipedes to scorpions, Australian nature is known for its innumerable terrifying animals. Legend has it that in this vast desert live many magical creatures, including a hairy monster called Yovi.

The yoghurt appears in the stories of ancient Australian tribes, many centuries ago, and is described as a giant beast with a monkey-like appearance. For hundreds of years, people would say that they met Joey from time to time.

Painting depicting a yogi.  Photo: Courier Mail.

Painting depicting a yogi. Photo: Courier mail.

The most recent “meeting” took place this month. Three Queensland men say they met Yovi face-to-face on December 4 while on their way to Gym camp.

Stirling Slogan-Bennett, one of the three people who met Joey, said, “We could not believe what we saw. They were all plantation workers.

“It was definitely a scary moment for me. I was confused and shocked by what we saw,” he said. Seamus Fitzgerald, comrade of Slogan-Bennett, described the monster as having a “monkey-like” face and “long arms.”

“At first we thought it was a wild boar or something very big, until we came closer and saw it running with a very ape-like appearance,” Fitzgerald said.

This encounter shakes him and casts doubt on his understanding of the world. “I have never had such a magical or bizarre experience before,” he said. “I did not sleep that night. I’m definitely seen something I did not believe before.”

This incident led many to invade northern Queensland in hopes of seeing Yovi. Legend has it that this creature often appears during storms. “I’m very curious to know what others saw and did,” Fitzgerald said.

They certainly did not say at first that they had met Joey. The legend of Yovi began with the aborigines of Australia. The Kuku Yalanchi tribe in northern Queensland are said to have lived with Yovi for a long time, although Yovi is said to have attacked them several times.

According to the story, there are two types of yoghurt. One type can grow up to three meters in height and the other only 1.5 meters in height.

Usually, in addition to the monkey-like face, they also have orange-brown hairs about 5-10 cm long. Although these creatures are generally shy, they can become aggressive and violent.

The yovi drawing is based on the descriptions of people who claimed to have met the monster on December 4 in Queensland.  Photo: AYR

The yovi drawing is based on the descriptions of people who claimed to have met the monster on December 4 in Queensland. Photo: AYR

Many doubt the existence of the yoghurt, but some Australian aboriginal cave paintings actually depict tall, hairy creatures. Yovi is said to be an extinct giant monkey or perhaps invisible on the Australian outskirts.

Since the nineteenth century, yovi encounters have been well documented. A record from 1842 describes it as follows:

“Indigenous Australians believe in the yoghurt. They describe it as a man of human height who covers his body with white hair and fur, especially his long arms and toes. Described as a terrifying monster with a physical appearance. Like a monkey “.

Meanwhile, a news report from the 1880s reported that nature enthusiast Henry James McCoy had seen the yoghurt in New South Wales. But according to him, it was only 1.5 meters high, “without tail and covered with a very long black coat”.

Yovi’s descriptions have changed over time, but its mystery still haunts Australia. According to Dean Harrison, from yoghurt research, hundreds of people have reported seeing this creature in recent years. Harrison even saw Joey once.

“I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. I knew I had to run away when it roared,” Harrison called it a “life-changing” experience.

Is Yowie really there? Are Ancient Myths True? Some, including Slogan-Bennett, Fitzgerald and their colleagues, believe they are out somewhere.

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