Oosterweil earthworks have been suspended in Antwerp

Oosterweil earthworks have been suspended in Antwerp

As part of the construction site, the State Council on Wednesday invalidated the technical reports that Landis is following for infrastructure work on the Lingerover area, the junction of the same name and the Sheldetanel (tunnel under the Shelter). , I.e. closing the Antwerp roundabout. This work especially involves moving polluted soil to PFAS (affiliated with the American company 3M), which has been much talked about in recent months.

“Our work is always done with a concern for the environment and public health,” said Luke Hellmans, chief executive of Landis. “In the coming days and weeks, we will discuss with our experts how to comply with the judgment rendered.” We do not yet know the delay caused by this new setback.

Contaminated soil released by the works is usually moved to the chemical company 3M land in Zwijndrecht where a kind of “safety perm” is integrated. Applicants to the State Council – residents of Zwijndrecht and Grondrecht joint citizens, as well as ASBL Greenpeace Belgium – are particularly opposed to the use.

They are asking Landis and contractors to follow the steps put forward by the panel of Flemish experts, especially demarcation of polluted grounds and closure for some reason. As a reminder, following the infrastructure work to close the Antwerp Ring Road, several months ago chemicals were found to be polluting the PHOS in and around the 3M plant in Switzerland, which is thought to disrupt the endocrine gland.

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