Facing London, the Europeans had boundless patience

Facing London, the Europeans had boundless patience

Explanation: EU member states are showing endless patience as the UK Foreign Secretary Liz Tussauds has appointed David Frost as head of negotiations.

Reporter in Brussels

So Brussels faces a new British orator in Brexit. Seventh from 2016. After the abrupt resignation of the instigator David Frost, Commission should now negotiate with an ex “The rest┬╗Foreign Minister now pro-Brexit, Liz Truss.

The first exchange took place last week between this woman who aspires for the post of Prime Minister. Boris Johnson – and the commissioner responsible for this file, Maros Sefkovic. “I’m not one to think that everything will change because Frost is gone. Truss will be mobilized to entertain tough Brexiters┬╗, MEP Nathalie Loiseau analyzes the Co-Chair of the Committee responsible for overseeing relations between the EU and the United Kingdom in the European Parliament.

Northern Irish protocol was questioned

In fact, the most trivial hopes placed on the Brussels Lees soon sank. “The British position has not changed. We need materials …

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