Shock was posted by his new girlfriend, who is 20 years younger than him!

NBA legend Shahul O'Neill has been talking frantically about a league superstar, saying she keeps pushing him to keep his mouth shut.


The great charismatic before eternity, Shahul O’Neill may have landed again with a young woman who revealed her happiness with Colossus on the networks. Focus on the newly selected one from the heart of the four-time NBA Champion.

Shahul O’Neill, who has been divorced for nearly 15 years, has never reported finding a lasting love for him. Of course, the former Laker pulls the reputation of being a great enchantress himself, and he has repeatedly pointed out that he has no hunger for success in his bed. But this boring era may have ended with the chaos in the life of a particular turban Renee.

Renee, a 29-year-old Atlanta-based woman living in O’Neill, presents herself as an interior designer and real estate entrepreneur on Instagram. For the Christmas holidays, he posted 3 photos with his son and Shaq, which left no room for doubt. Here they are below.

Newly selected Dior Renee from the heart of Shahul O’Neill

Here are some scenes that will make the heart of the big cactus beat now:

We can only wish that both lovebirds would be a lot happier, why not shock a new baby. The latter is already the father of 6 generations … or even more if one believes the jokes of Charles Barclay.

At 49, Shahul O’Neill transforms himself with Diora Renee, with whom he has a perfect love affair. Hope it lasts!

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