How popular are video slots in 2021

Video slots are the most exciting online games in casinos today. They are one of the most popular games in the gaming industry. Software developers spend months and years developing the graphics, reels, paylines, and sophisticated features of these games. Video slots like Book of Dead Play n Go are loved by players who enjoy visually stunning animations, artwork, and superb game features.

Best video slots to play online

When we speak popular and captivating games of chance, video slots cannot be overridden, be it in terms of graphics, pay lines, reels, visuals, animation, artwork, and themes. Its impressive gameplay has made it gamers’ favourite.

Video slots are the reasons why slot games are popular. Apart from the fact that they guarantee players with high winning chances, high RTP, lucrative bonuses, they are also fun.

There are many video slots online, and it can be challenging for players to know which of them offers the best entertainment. That is why we suggest that before you play online video slots, try the demo-free slots first. They are the replica of the real money games, only that you require no deposit to play them.

Furthermore, while searching for the best video slots, focus on software providers of these slots. The best software provider includes; Microgaming, Net Entertainment, RTG, etc. These providers offer the best video slot games and update their games monthly.

What makes a good video slot?

Whether you are playing for fun or real money, there are many exciting video slots to choose from. However, making your choice can be challenging. That’s why you need to look out for the following factors before choosing a video slot to play:

  • Game mechanics

What distinguished video slots from other slots are the exciting game mechanics that add value to them. For instance, “wild symbols” come with several variations like sticky wilds, expanding wilds, etc.

  • ThemesĀ 

The theme of video slots makes it exciting. Some video slots come with a western theme, ancient greek theme, Egyptian theme, or steampunk theme. This ensures that players enjoy the displayed fantasy on the slot. These displayed themes and bonus features make the slot more enjoyable to players.

  • Volatility

Volatility determines the frequency of the outcome of the reels on the wins. We have high and low volatility. The fact that the volatility of a slot is low does not determine that you will get a high return on your stakes, and just because the volatility is high does not guarantee a low outcome on your stakes.

The best time to choose high volatility slots is when you have a lot of cash, while low volatility lowers your risks of losing. To determine the game’s volatility, you need to check the game’s paytable.


In conclusion, video slots offer many exciting gaming experiences to players, and they grant access to its unique game features such as; themes, graphics, animations, artwork, reels, pay lines, and volatility. That’s why a video slot is the best you can ever wish for. Hopefully, the information in this article will help as a guide for you to find the best video slot to play.

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