Competition for MVP: Aaron Rodgers leads!

Competition for MVP: Aaron Rodgers leads!

1 / Aaron Rodgers (Packers) (+1) – 3689 yards 68% – 33 TD, 4 INT

Despite being embarrassed by his toe injury, Aaron Rodgers stunned the game after the game. Against the Ravens, the Packers did not go far from the correction, but worked late in the defensive game and threw the quarterback 3 touchdowns (24/34). Two games to go all the way to the end of the Green Bay regular season, rushing towards the best record in the league (12v – 3d), an amazing new performance that allows Tom Brady to pass on our virtual levels.

2 / Tom Brady (Buccaneers) (-1) – 4580 yards 66.8% – 37 TD, 11 INT

To win the fourth trophy, Tom Brady must now give the whip. That number 12 was not bad against Carolina (1 Touch Down), but Aaron Rodgers did better on his side. In a long-running feud between the two, the Packers Pitcher is now the bookmakers ’choice to win the prize. Fraudulent sign.

3 / Jonathan Taylor (Golds) (=) – 1626 yards – 17 dds, 3 fumbles

The Indianapolis Racer has no touchdown this week! It hasn’t happened since Week 3, at which point Jonathan Taylor hasn’t hit any DDs so far this season. Against the Cardinals, in a crowd that came out of the Carson Vents woods, the running bag weight was lower than usual (108 yards in 27 races). If he wants to win the MVP trophy, Taylor will have to play better in the Golds’ last two games against Las Vegas and Jacksonville. It is in its strings.

4 / Patrick Mahoms (Leaders) (+1) – 4310 yards 66.1% – 33 TD, 13 INT

Like his team, AFC West’s official champion (a record!), Patrick Mahomes continues his rise to power for the sixth year in a row. On Sunday, the Steelers took it to their standards. Absolutely Royal (23/30, 258 yards, 3 TD), MVP 2018 confirms he will return to the top at the best of times. If it’s too short to win a second individual trophy, the Kansas City pitcher is already making an appointment for the playoffs.

5 / Matthew Stafford (Rams) (-1) – 4339 yards à 66.9% – 36 TD, 13 INT

With three interceptions against the Vikings, Matthew Stafford (21/37, 1 Touch Down) had a very mixed evening on Sunday. If Los Angeles had still conquered Minnesota, the California ownership would not have really been indebted to its pitcher, who would have fallen back into his medieval graves. This is why he loses a place in favor of Patrick Mahoms.

Notes: Cooper Kup (Rams), Kyler Murray (Cardinals), DJ Watt (Steelers), Justin Herbert (Chargers), Josh Allen (Pills)

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