London is waiting for restrictions not to come

London is waiting for restrictions not to come


New regulations have come into effect ahead of the spread of Omicron in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. But not yet in the UK. In London, a city most affected by diversity, residents are waiting for orders not to arrive.

With our correspondent in London, Mary Poida

Catherine, tied in a black line, treats her dog. Her red hair falls on her shoulders. Waiting for new announcements. What she wants are explanations and clarity.

I’m a teacher, it’s totally crazy at school, so I think the government is vague on the instructions. Must wear seat belt in car, not smoke in store; So yes, these are restrictions but they are temporary and it is to protect the people who are vulnerable.

Returning to school for the time being will happen as planned. Boris Johnson should impose new measures to prevent the spread in schools, he said.

Jenny agrees. She comes out of a shop, her baby is playing a few meters away… This Scottish woman lives in the capital and regrets that the restrictions have not been announced before.

In the country where he was born, social spaces were reintroduced and the number of people attending meetings was low.

Boris Johnson can see the data he has, has access to all the information, he can be clear to organize people. My Christmas was tense. With no details or instructions, we changed our plans at the last minute

The government has not refused to lift the restrictions … but some in the ruling party are adamantly opposed. So far Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister has not yet made that decision.

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