《Curling》 logo Solar won the playoffs and confirmed his participation in the Beijing Olympics.

《Curling》 logo Solar won the playoffs and confirmed his participation in the Beijing Olympics.

As soon as he took the ticket, a smile and relief appeared on the faces of the players.

The final qualifying round for the Beijing Olympics in Curling began on December 5. Logo Solare defeated South Korea 8-5 in the women’s playoffs on the 17th and decided to compete in two consecutive events following their bronze medal at the Pyongyang Olympics.

The four spoke the same word after the match.

“I was relieved”

This should have been an obvious thought.

Only 3 out of 9 participating teams will be eligible to participate. Also, there are some very powerful nations like Scotland (Britain participated in the Olympics) and South Korea. Among them, I ran 7 days in 9 games in the long run.

Despite losing to Scotland in the first league, he advanced to 1st place with 6 wins and 2 losses to Turkey in the final. Although it ended at the same rate as Scotland and South Korea, Scotland regulated first place and won an Olympic ticket. Later, Logo Solare placed 3rd and Korea 2nd in the playoffs. The winner got the right to participate, but when it was over, the logo proved Solar’s steadfast strength.

At the start of the final qualifying round, the team’s characteristics appeared in play.

Italy were held to a 4-4 draw until the 5th final in the first leg, but lost the second half 11-6. The match against Germany was 2-2 until the 5th final, from where we got off to a good start with 2 and 3 wins following the battle which we faced 7-6. Approximately, in each match, there was more victory than the opponent’s match after the middle of the match.

What emerges from this is the assurance of Logo Solar’s responsive or editable ability to understand the state of the ice as the game progresses and push their game forward.

Responsibility in difficult situations

First, the competition is said to have been difficult due to the rapid changes in ice conditions. As the games intertwined, the stones did not bend or bend, and from there the conditions changed to the point where they could not bend again, bending back second by second.

The main thing in this competition was how to deal with it, but that management led to the Olympic tickets. After beating South Korea in the first league, Tsinami Yoshida speaks.

“Ice is so hard, it’s fresh day by day. I’m fighting ice cream today. I got good concentration on ice cream.”

“Facing one end, one end and snow is the key to getting this match in good shape.”

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