In crisis, the Lockers have signed 2 new players!

La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, Anthony Davis, a livré une importante update sur l'état de santé de son coéquipier, LeBron James, soumis au protocole Covid de la ligue depuis quelques heures

Tragically defeated by San Antonio (138-110), the Lakers suffered 4 consecutive defeats at Christmas. In an effort to block the dynamic, the California franchise signed two players this Friday evening.

As the weeks go by, the lockers do not improve. This tragic observation is of serious concern to fans of the purple and gold owner, as they have not developed any sign of their team competing on either side of the pitch. Isaiah Thomas Boost begins to fall like a souffl, and the losses pile up LeBron James Always royal.

With so many more injuries and coward attacks, the California franchise has to deal with many non-existent ones and adjust its list in a moment. New evidence with double signatures on this New Year’s Day, especially including Darren Collison!

The Lakers sign two players in a hurry before Christmas

Sources tell ESPN that Lakers Darren Collison and Stanley Johnson will sign 10-day contracts. The Lakers hope they get to the Christmas game against Brooklyn.

At age 34, Collison retired from the summer of 2019. There were many rumors that he would return to clippers or lockers after the infection, but nothing worked. It’s over now, and he’s made 12 points and 5 rebounds in his career trying to bring his experience as a leader-manager to a team that needs it the most.

Stanley Johnson, he, continues his travel career by attempting adventure in the City of Angels. Especially after stinting in Detroit and the Raptors, the winger should have a few minutes right in Frank Vocal’s distorted spin. Is it enough to prove itself? The future will tell. Without disrespecting Johnson, the big announcement is actually the return of Collison, here are some highlights for those who have forgotten what the senior player’s ability is:

Expect 2 new players in Los Angeles, a good surprise and a Coke last to contribute to a positive series. Even if Kevin Durant’s nets confront the disabled, who can trust James Horton, the shock of Christmas can be costly.

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