Desengano State Park is the first certified dark sky park in Latin America

Desengano State Park Devient Le Premier Parc De Ciel étoilé

Managed by Rio de Janeiro’s National Environment Agency (INIA), Ticengano National Park (PED) holds an unprecedented title in Latin America: the protected area was designated by C சர்வதேசu Escuro’s International Park as an international association. Of Céu Escuro (IDA).

Already internationally recognized as a priority area for the conservation of bird biodiversity, the PED has now received this international certification, which classifies it as a protected area of ​​exceptional quality for observing starry nights and a protected night environment that enhances its science, knowledge, heritage, nature, education, culture and society. .

Desengano State Park becomes the first star sky park

Touch the stars at the top of Petra du Tesceno, which will give the park its name. From left to right: Diego Nacimento, Samir Mansour and Nabi Mansour. Title of the film: Samir Mansoor.

“We are the first park in Latin America to receive this title, and it is a great achievement for all of us in the Ministry of Environment and in India.

Places like Desengano State Park strive to preserve the environment

According to IDA Defender Ashley Wilson, “Cheat certification is not just an important step for the IDA because it is the first Dark sky location International in Brazil, but it opens new doors for dark skies in Latin America. ”

“Although the park has a beautiful dark sky, the team also ensured that it’s connected with local communities to get inspiration from the night sky, and upgrade 100% of the lighting in their facilities. With sustainable solutions for the outdoor dark sky,” Wilson said. “The IDA congratulates the Tizenkano team for their commendable efforts, and we look forward to following this example and further certification in the future.”

According to the official IDA report, the certification application process took more than a year. First, the association approved the presentation of the Park Do Tescano group with documentation and technical specifications for the quality of the night sky in the region.

Subsequently, information on the duties considered by the PED was analyzed, and measures aimed at reducing light pollution in the park and region, in addition to the good practices of night-time travel, are already in place.

Visitors now visiting the state of Rio de Janeiro are looking for the perfect place to observe, read and admire the night sky. “In addition to tracks and daytime activities, we now have a new opportunity to expand the population’s interaction with nature, which is night surveillance,” explains INIA President Philippe Campbell. “At Tescano State Park, the conditions are right for this, as there is no light pollution and visitors can think about the sky without any equipment. This title is very apt.

PED covers an area of ​​more than 1.4 thousand square kilometers

The PED, which comprises the municipalities of Campos dos Goytacazes, Santa Maria Madalena and São Fidélis, is the oldest security division in RJ State, having completed 51 years in 2021.

PED covers more than 1,400 km of Atlantic forest, including 82 species of mammals, 494 species of birds, 56 species of reptiles, 73 species of waterfalls and more than a thousand species of plants.

“With this international title, we can think of the same sky that our distant ancestors observed. It is a collaborative effort of civil society partners such as park technologists, the Biodiversity Council, the Conservation and Environment Units and the North Fluminence State University and the Club of Astronomy Louise Kruls.” Director Carlos Dario said.

International Project Dark sky places Established in 2001 as a voluntary unethical program to promote communities, parks and protected areas around the world to protect and preserve dark spaces through effective lighting policies, eco-friendly outdoor lighting and public education.

Used indiscriminately, artificial light can disrupt ecosystems, affect human health, waste money and energy, contribute to climate change, and prevent our vision and interaction with the universe.

Now, Desengano State Park joins more than 190 sites with strong community support for the Dark Sky Defense and works to protect the night from light pollution.

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