“The Voice of America”, Big Band Concert (performed by Willis Conover in English, 1963)

"The Voice of America", Big Band Concert (performed by Willis Conover in English, 1963)

Glenn Gray and his band take on the “common” themes of the big bands of the 40s, 50s and 60s: RT Shaw, Glenn Miller, Penny Goodman or Woody Herman. Well listening!

Welcome to the Treasures of French Music!

USA, 1963.

At that point, the program The Voice of America (Still exists) sent bands to France with broadcasts, concerts and information to present American society to its ways of thinking and its institutions. The company in question in today’s treasury is: Jazz. In an hour, we’re listening to a big band concert: Glenn Gray and his band take on the “common” themes of the big bands of the 1940s: Arty Shaw, Glenn Miller, Penny Goodman or Woody Herman. Well listening!


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Willis Conover script translation

“Good evening, I’m at Willis Conover, Studio The Voice of America In Washington DC. Immediately: Music USA. ”

“Around the world. Glenn Gray and Gaza Loma band. On the clarinet: Gus Pivona. All major bands have iconic themes like credits played at the beginning or end of concerts to identify these bands. Tonight, we invite you to take a tour of the big band world, themes of these great bands. Thanks to the Glenn Gray Orchestra for playing. Can you guess which band this is? Abey Most solo clarinet with Glenn Gray and his band on this first theme. ”

“Abe played very solo clarinet with Glenn Gray and the Gaza Loma band Bad dream, The main theme of RT Shaw and his band. Joe Graves plays the trumpet. Whose theme is this? ”

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“Siripripin, The iconic theme of Harry James and his band, by Joe Graves Trumpet, with Glenn Gray. Again Abbey Most on the Clarinet, Skates Herbert on the Alto Socks, Shorty Sherak on the Trumpet, and Glenn Gray on another theme.

Tuxedo meeting, Glenn Miller’s great success, but frankly it’s not Glenn Miller’s iconic theme. It was performed by Elskin Hawkins and his band’s iconic theme, Glenn Gray. Ray Sherman, on the piano, for the iconic theme of the band conducted by a pianist.

Artistry in rhythm, The iconic Stan Kendon theme of the Glenn Gray and Gaza Loma band. This program is presented to you as part of Saturday programs dedicated to major bands. Tonight: Identity themes of the best bands. Re-created by Glenn Gray and the Gaza Loma Band. Music USA Part 1. The Voice of America. ”

Blue flame, Woody Herman’s iconic theme, Abe Most is still on the Clarinet. Another iconic theme. ”

Quaker City Jazz”, According to Quaker City, Philadelphia, where the descendants of the late John Savid and his band reached. Millions of viewers around the world will recognize this band’s iconic theme.

Moonlight Serenade, A nod to Glenn Miller from Glenn Gray. Another iconic theme. ”

Leap frog, The iconic theme of Les Brown. A trumpet solo now by Shorty Sherock with Glenn Gray and his band. ”

I can not start with you, Penny Perigan’s signature theme with Shorty Sherock on trumpet. Skates Herbert in the Clarinet. ”

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Let’s dance, The iconic theme of Penny Goodman, with Skeetz Herbert on the clarinet, with Glenn Gray. Now a trombone solo by Joe Howard. ”

I am passionate about your top, The iconic theme of the late Tommy Dorsey and his band. Joe Howard was on the trombone. A final tribute to the iconic themes of the best orchestras with Skates Herbert in alto socks. ”

Red skin rumba, The iconic theme of Charlie Barnett. Glenn Gray plays the themes of the Grand Big Band. Here is Willis Conover Music USA Part 1.

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