New Amsterdam Season 3 already has a Latin American release date and will not be seen on Netflix

Thanks for the anger Gray physique, This medical series which has been airing since 2018 has been loved by millions of viewers, so other products of this style also have their audience. This is the case New Amsterdam, The play that has become popular in Latin America since its first two seasons on the Netflix streaming service. Where do we find ourselves?

Chapters related to the second installment of the program came on stage in February this year and quickly became one of the favorite content, but from that moment on they wanted to see more. The third installment of the show aired in the United States between March and June, with a total of 14 episodes., And soon he will be able to see in Spain, but No news for fans in Latin America.

The official summary of the third season New Amsterdam: “In Season 3, Max and his team face the daunting task of maintaining that confidence as we fight an epidemic that has exposed enormous inequalities in our health care. Max no longer repairs the broken system. He is determined to tear it down and build something even better. .

+ Where to watch New Amsterdam Season 3?

Before the medical drama came on Netflix, its first seasons aired Renard Premium, Because this channel had television rights. After purchase Disney, The contents of this subscription chain were moved to a new site launched at the end of August, Star +. In recent days, this has been officially confirmed Season 3 is available with this streaming.

+ When will Season 3 of New Amsterdam air on STAR +?

According to the official streaming report Star + Latin America on social networks, Third season New Amsterdam Available January 19, 2022. At the moment, it is not clear whether he will reach Netflix at some point, but there is a reliable way for fans to watch the latest episodes. The fourth installment is currently airing on NBC in the United States and is expected to be released later this year.

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