Lyon Quan Mobile: Top 3 Mid Generals Need to Move Spam to Become Zion General

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Mid Street in Lyon Quan Cell phone Most importantly, a good midfielder can greatly support a team and greatly increase the winning rate in team fights. Find champions that are easy to play in this position through the forum.

Season 20 has slowly reached its final stage, with a lot more left Sports The player is unable to reach the Zion General because some players prefer to use hard champions or non-meta champions, so it is difficult to carry the team. So today S-game I will introduce you to 3 Mid Generals that are easy to play, but if you know how to keep your position in a good fight, the result will be great.

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From the first minutes of the game, Natalia’s name has always been rumored for her ability to lead the team and her terrific strength. It would not be strange if you see Natalia going into your group jungle to steal the green puff as soon as you reach level 2. This terrifying power comes from her ability to spam divine action. The enemy must be close enough that Natalia begins to slip carefully into the 1st and 2nd skill without fear, while, when the Devil Convergence attacks an enemy champion, it will cool for 0.6 seconds, allowing her. Demonstrate talent.

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Despite the auto-back on enemy champions, players who play Natalia, if they are wild or mobile generals like your top team Nakrod, Juka, you have to hit 2 wins, otherwise it will be very difficult to get. A cycle. Back to his middle street.


Rarely has it appeared in recent seasons, but the Holy Fire Herald is still very strong in the mid-lane position, and if you know how to hold the post, you can compete with Illumia, Ross or Natalia. Lean Kuan Players’ name is Fire Elder Cell phone Often referred to as Ignis, these champion moves are associated with fire, and Ignis’ skill set allows players to punch opponents with very annoying, spamming moves.

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Ignition’s move is very easy to use and easy to attack enemy champions, so even if you have to distract, gamers can spam capabilities due to the auto-back mechanism captured in big fights or by 3 or more people. One more note to the Ignition Ultimate is that the range is quite large, so beginners can use auto pinning in the Ultimate, and high ranking gamers can use the Ultimate to close the corner. Enemies are also very effective.


Iki is a mid-lane card that is best suited for using the auto-pin mechanism, so players with weaker abilities can follow the direction of the enemy champion without doing anything using Skill 1. The amount of damage caused by Capacity 1 will be huge in the initial game, less mobile champions need an opening to be chased by Ike, they certainly will not escape from the number plate.

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When using the auto-pin mechanism in Iggy, players must avoid being controlled to lose Skill 1, so they must constantly move when attacking an opponent, as well as wait until your team loses control. Making skill 1 is very important in Ikea’s Gamble, as it is the champion’s major damage measure, and the system must set the lowest hygiene object in the auto-pin mechanism to ensure proper. The goal you need.


In addition to the current Mid Lane Hot Big Generals, inexperienced gamers can quickly climb to the Warrior rankings on the Mobile Alliance by the end of the season, using the 3 generals mentioned above. Good luck!


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