“West Side Story” – The New America?

"West Side Story" - The New America?

It has been sixty years since the legendary film came out Western story, Presents a remake by Steven Spielberg, worn by the couple Ansel Elcord and Rachel Zekler. A sympathetic and political remake.

But what is he going to do in this mess? When Steven Spielbergg Announced that he wanted to do a remake Western story, The question was floating in the air in Hollywood. With its 10 Oscars, Western story When it was released in 1961 it seemed to prove itself and convince both critics and the general public. Revisiting a classic that deeply refers to popular culture is a huge challenge even for one of the most prosperous directors of its time. Why start this impossible search?

Western story : From remake to remake

Western story An adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, a classic play by William Shakespeare, was staged on Broadway in 1957 and later adapted into cinema in 1961 with the film Robert Wise. Steven Spielberg already wanted to be a part of long adaptations. Piece? That task seemed boring to a director who was more accustomed to blockbuster films than musicals. Broadway, Western story Among the myths is a myth, the sacred tradition of Bernstein and Sondheim. For good reason: Sixty years later, the play continues to sell out on the famous stages of New York Avenue.

But the Western story A solid modern film written by Spielberg, compiled in the heart of its time. The director starts with a very unique prototype: what if the original did better? If you can learn all the social changes, all the controversies, fix every flaw, and rewrite a film with only the essentials: Cinema.

During the film’s press tour, the director repeatedly stated, “We should have done better at the time.” With that, he openly states that society as a whole should have done better, no doubt. Steven Spielberg sees future generations here, eager to bring them a nail from the past, a film that has been edited, improved, and better acted. At this point, the project Western story 2021 is a success. Actors and costumes are loyal to Puerto Rican culture. A big step forward compared to his older brother, he wanted to attract white but “bank” actors to the public. The most common practice in those days was not present in cinema today.

A spectacular remake

Beyond the respect for the cultures mentioned in the film, The Western story Steven Spielberg often keeps his promise of entertainment. The director pushes the colors, the dance numbers and of course the music numbers to the pinnacle. No doubt, there is a result. Although the picture is interesting, it leaves a slightly bitter taste in the mouth. If one is happy to see the legendary music of the first Opus, some aspects of the film are not satisfied. First, the two leading actors looking straight at the pages of a teenage magazine. They are soft, very soft. The debut is impressive, but in the end the director’s contributions stop here.

Like its senior, Western story It paints a picture of an intolerant and violent society, the difference of which is necessarily frightening. Thus, Steven Spielberg is a political portrait of a community with full collective awareness. Perhaps this is the whole point of his project, offering dedicated work to a younger audience, all that needs to be done at the same time as this is a sign of change.

With the boundless imagination he always showed in his films, why would anyone want to provide a revivalist copy of an already made film? The feedback is interesting, but ultimately does not provide anything that will excite you to the point of asking for more. Instead of repeating content in 4k, we are surprised to believe that the era of serial remakes will soon end, with original ideas exploding on screen to continue writing cinematic legends.

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