“Christmas Comet” hosts a show after the eruption of activity

La comète Leonard en novembre 2021. © Dan Bartlett, Apod (Nasa)

As always, comets are surprising and unpredictable. Comet Leonard is no exception. Here are the most beautiful photos of his latest seizures observed since December 20th.

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[EN VIDÉO] Understanding the comet Leonard in a minute
When comet Leonard crosses the night sky at the end of 2021, it approaches the sun in an environment close to Earth.

It’s not too late yet Spectator C / 2021 A1 (Leonard) Alias Leonard is the comet, the brightest of the year.

Passed close to Earth on December 12th, very close Friday On the 17th, she now continues her ride towards the sun Perihelion – is very close to the point of its orbit Hall Star – January 3, 2022 (exactly one year after it was discovered).

Explosion of the action of the comet Leonard

Over the past two days, visitors around the world have reported a significant increase Brightness, Abruptly merged Explosion of process. The star of widespread appearance was easily recognizable Twilight, Not far Friday.

Travel in the hottest area The Solar System, Its snowfall, the gas and dust trapped in its rise is normal to pour. Weakened, some blocks or rocks in the center of the tumor suddenly collapse, causing eruptions from the earth. Under the shock of temperature and Solar wind, The star can also be displaced.

Astronomers, who followed him wandering in the earthly sky for a few months, said the scene was incredible, as evidenced by the pictures they released. Social Websites. The comet has its hair, in the air Solar wind, Hence the opposite of our star. In some photos, it is provocative Wondered Mani The lion Long tents roam the space, and this is nothing but a sign of recent disturbances.

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