The league did not consider the interruption of the season despite the Omigran variation

The league did not consider the interruption of the season despite the Omigran variation

Despite five games being postponed this week, Adam Silver promised the rest of the NBA season on Tuesday.

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Despite the re-emergence of the Covid 19 epidemic in the United States, the NBA does not want to interfere with the current season. League President Adam Silver announced on Tuesday 21 December that he was considering reducing the isolation period for players testing positively.

On the sports television channel ESPN, he said the NBA must learn to live with the virus. The Omigron variant caused a new rise in pollution, even as it was forced to postpone five matches this week.

“There is currently no plan to suspend the season”, he said. “Of course we looked at all the options. We struggled to establish a logic that would justify the interruption.”

More than 80 players have entered the NBA’s Code of Conduct in recent days. With this relaxation of the rules, teams can appoint players in case of contamination in their staff.

Adam Silver clarified that the NBA could reduce the number of days players should not play once they have been affected by the use of anti-Govt protocols. He pointed out that 97% of them had been vaccinated and 65% had received the third dose.

However, he did not expect compulsory vaccination within the framework of discussions with organizations representing veterans regarding health measures.

“Many of the 3% of people who have not been vaccinated have been diagnosed with goiter and have developed antibodies. For me, the third dose is a priority for the other 97%.”He added that the Omicron variant is responsible for 90% of recent pollution.


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