Victor Vempaniyama, the real concern?

Le grand espoir français de LDLC Asvel, Victor Wembanyama, est encore apparu dans une photo virale, dans laquelle sa taille gigantesque choque

Talented like him, Victor Vembaniama has been making some people anxious for months. Injuries to the young interior often occur, and he needs to take care of his body if he wants to avoid other problems.

As title contenders focus on competition over the next few months, sinking owners are looking more towards the draft. Boy Scouts are already working hard on who will be the next NBA star, and many more names are coming back. As far as the French are concerned, the one who comes into the 2023 draft should look to Victor Vembanyama.

A vintage would be particularly followed, as ASVEL’s player explodes the screen on France’s side, at least when he’s not injured. In fact, his team announced the bad news on Monday: the player’s injury for the next few weeks. The problem of not being alone.

Chain of wounds to Vempaniyama

In his latest study, it was announced Team :

Victor Vembanyama’s first season in Ron continues to suffer from injuries. A victim of a broken finger in early November, Aswell’s young inside (2.21m, 17 years old) suffers from a right shoulder at this time. Zenith has been suffering from “bone fractures” since her defeat to Willeburne against St. Petersburg, according to her team’s press release. In four to six weeks he will be gone.

If the French have not had a month, or the recovery has not taken place as planned. This is never good news for a young player, he needs to play often to grow properly. The injury is not serious, but it is not the first. Victor injured his finger at the start of the season, which may cause anxious owners to worry.

Last winter, the inside injured the fibula, losing competition for several weeks. An anxious scene in the NBA with Zion Williamson, who already has a highly rebellious soap opera, will begin again. Talent may be enough to make Victor No. 1 in a draft, but he must be motivated to take care of his body so as to avoid persistent problems.

Undoubtedly, Victor Vembanyama has a bright future… at least if he avoids injuries. The player who has to make efforts in this direction today, this is something that needs careful attention. This is the NBA that is being played.

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